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Apart Hotels in Las Gaviotas

  • Altaplaya
  • Tel.: 011-15-6998-5417
  • Address: Calle 29 (Juan B. Azopardo) y Playa
Terra Meiga Tomás Espora y Mar Azul (02255) 45-8885
Solar Pampa Apart Hotel Av. Almirante Brown y playa (02255) 45-8917
Rincón del Mar Calle 30 y Playa (02255) 45-6003
Punta Pampa Calle 27 y Punta del Este (02255) 47-4077
Posta Cangrejo Apart Calle 32 entre Mar del Plata y Punta del Este (011) 1569313729
Posada de las Gaviotas Calle 33 y Playa (02255) 45-5565
Luna Llena Apart Calle 28 y calle Mar Azul s/n (02255) 45-4126
Lomas del Mar Calle 32 y el Mar - Las Gaviotas (011)15-6397-8565
Las Waras Av Mar Azul y Calle 30 (02255) 479-849
La Mamunia Copacabana y Pta. del Este 011 15 5470 0800
IQU Apart & Spa Punta del Este 63 (02255) 470800 / (011) 15-61373018
Heiwa Calle 33 y Playa (02255) 45-3674
El Beso Calle 29 y Mar Azul 011 1577012384
Eclipse Alte. Brown y Viña del Mar (02255) 45-6597
Complejo Alto Gaviota Refugios de Mar Calle 31 N° 450 011-155-114-8869
Cáfila Boutique Apart & Spa Calle 31 entre Av. Mar Azul y Av. Mar del Plata (02255)47 4625 / (011)5404 4666
Ayres de Mar Apart & Cabañas Calle 30 e/Mar del Plata y Mar Azul 011 15 4414 4470
Arrullos del Mar Apart & Spa Calle Mar del Plata esquina 28 (02255) 456264 / (011) 4813-8113
Arrullos del mar Mar del Plata esquina 28 (02255) 45-9686
Arenas del Bosque Apart Copacabana entre 29 y 30 (02255) 477-710
Arenas del Bosque Copacabana entre 29 y 30 - Las Gaviotas (02255) 477-710
Arena Azul Calle 29 y Av. Mar Azul (02255) 45-7759
Apartamentos Pi-Hue Calle 34 e/ Mar del Plata y Punta del Este (02255) 468864
Apart Vitraux Av Mar del Plata entre Calles 33 y 34 (02255) 45-8536
Apart Vistana Calle 29 y Playa (02255) 45-8573
Apart Terrazas del Caleu Azopardo (ex 29) entre Punta del Este y Copacabana (02255) 47-2729 / 154-35841
Apart Paradiso Calle 28 y Play (011) 5263-0348
Apart Oasis Mar Azul entre 28 y 29 (02255) 47 7005
Apart Las Waras Av. Mar Azul y Calle 30 (0255) 479849 / (0294) 154505093
Apart Kajol Calle 34 y Punta del Este (0221) 155791001
Aldea de Mar Resort Calle 29 y Playa (02255) 47-2285
Aguamansa Calle 31 entre Calles Mar del Plata y Punta del Este (011) 15-4162-1029
Video of Cabins in Las Gaviotas

Las Gaviotas is located 360 km. far from Buenos Aires, between Mar Azul and Mar de las Pampas; this little and quiet seaside resort delineates its own style.

With bigger parcels of land than the ones in the closer resorts, the zone was apt for the development of cabins and hotels complexes. This is the reason because there are no houses in this seaside resort. Most of the houses and cabins belong to the complexes that offer high-quality lodging.
The little extension of Las Gaviotas – only 7 blocks of beach-, between tow important resorts, doesn’t take out its character, which is showed off, among other things, by its own commercial centre. Las Gaviotas does not have forest but an acacias scrubland and there is more space between the constructions. Result: more sun (less shadow) and more free space. Another added value of the place is that some bars, restaurants and shows are placed in the open air.
Its history is intimately related to forestation and the inclusion of different methods to avoid the dunes transgression that has affected always all the region. In the beginning, it was only an intense blue sea along with an awkward coast line, with dunes of a certain height, as much as to formed some ravines between them.
The first attempts to build were predestinated to failure, because the necessary technology to face this problem, that affected the entire coast, was not available.
Sand roads, a warm atmosphere… that allows us to slow the rhythm and introduce us in one of the most beautiful places of the Atlantic coast.
It has a squared structure with blocks that are parallel to the coast, an internal avenue called Punta del Este which is nothing but the continuation of 3rd Avenue of Villa Gesell, which change its name many times when passing through Mar de las Pampas, adjusting to the complex structure of this locality.
The activity concentrates on the extent beaches, but also in the wide forested spaces that invite to the quiet walk through its woods and streets which accompany those who want to have special vacations.
Cabañas en Las Gaviotas. Información detallada, imágenes, precios y descuentos de Cabañas en Las Gaviotas. Excelentes ofertas de Cabañas en Las Gaviotas. Detalles e información de alojamientos en la ciudad de Las Gaviotas. Cabañas , Aparts y spa para disfrutar de las vacaciones junto a toda la familia. Consulta los precios de cabañas en Las Gaviotas. Tenemos el listado más amplio de Cabañas y Aparts baratos en Las Gaviotas y alojamientos de primera categoría. Además, información de excursiones, paseos y rutas gastronómicas.

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