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Buenos Aires


Argentina / Buenos Aires
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> Chascomús
> Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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> Mercedes
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> Sierra de la Ventana
> Sierra de los Padres
> Tandil
> Villa Ventana
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

This place comprises one of the richest and most productive areas of Argentina, because it is located in the immensity of pampa’s plain, only interrupted by Tandilia and Vetania orographic systems.

It is the entrance door for immigration and offers a big cultural diversity. It is the land of ‘gauchos’ and traditions, but also of an intense industrial and commercial activity. Politically, it comprises the north, the centre and south of Buenos Aires province. As it is the nation’s cosmopolite centre, we have divided Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) into four areas, considering the remarkable economic, social and cultural features of each one.
Buenos Aires’ tourist offer is about history, reflected in the French and Italian architecture, with many museums, theatres, cultural and shopping centres. The rural tourism invites you to do country and hunting typical activities, with lodging at centennial ranch houses and the possibility to breathe the plain’s fresh air while we wait to taste the traditional roasted meat (‘asado criollo’).
The minitourism in localities as Mercedes, Pilar, San Isidro, Tigre and Chascomús, or the intense fishing journeys at Buenos Aires’ lagoons is another interesting option.
The adventure tourism in Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana complements the tourist promise of this place. 
Paseos y Excursiones Recomendados en Buenos Aires Total: 130
Sierra de la Ventana
City Tour
Recorrido por los distintos barrios: San Bernardo, Valle Hermoso, La Cumbre, Villa La Arcadia y Barrio Parque Golf. En este último podrán deleitarse con el hermoso paisaje que brinda la cancha de golf, estos links, muy codiciados por los amantes de e...
Sierra de la Ventana
Cerro Ventana
Principal atractivo y cerro que le da el nombre a nuestra Comarca y Sistema Serrano. Tiene una altura de 1134 m., el hueco es de 5 m. de ancho, 8 m. de alto y 10 m. de profundidad. El trekking de ascenso y descenso tiene una duración aproximada de 5 ...
Balneario San Cayetano

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