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Bed & Breakfast in Ushuaia

Viento del Sur Leopoldo Lugones Nº 1945 (02901) 423373
Las Retamas Av. Magallanes Nº 1780 (02901) 424440
La Casa de Tere Rivadavia Nº 620 (02901) 422312
Galeazzi-Basily Gobernador Valdéz Nº 323 (02901) 423213
Familia Piatti Bahía Paraíso Nº 812 (02901) 437104
de las Artes 9 de Julio Nº 462 (02901) 431862
As Nancy Vicente Canga Nº 1891 (02901) 424243
Aijpel Vicente Canga Nº 1837 (02901) 15619560
Video of Cabins in Ushuaia

 Ushuaia is the capital of the province and the seat of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power. The city has an important port that has commercial and tourist functions and an international airport whose security equipments, the most modern of the country, guarantee the functionality beyond climate conditions. Regarding the education, there are institutions of all levels, state and private ones, besides the possibility to take course in some university careers. Health services, also private and state, satisfy the demand of a population characterized by the big quantity of children.  

With a little more than 100 years of existence, Ushuaia offers not only an interesting history to discover, but also invites to share its woods, its mountains and its crystalline rivers, transmitting the magic that can be only generated at the confine of the world. Town, village, vigorous city. To know it is to arrive at the end of the world… but at the beginning of everything. Land of legends and adventures, it is an avoidable attraction for those who inexorably want to arrive at the end of the map and at the beginning of adventure. 

Cabañas en Ushuaia. Información detallada, imágenes, precios y descuentos de Cabañas en Ushuaia. Excelentes ofertas de Cabañas en Ushuaia. Detalles e información de alojamientos en la ciudad de Ushuaia. Cabañas , Aparts y spa para disfrutar de las vacaciones junto a toda la familia. Consulta los precios de cabañas en Ushuaia. Tenemos el listado más amplio de Cabañas y Aparts baratos en Ushuaia y alojamientos de primera categoría. Además, información de excursiones, paseos y rutas gastronómicas.

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