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Bungalows in Bariloche

Apart Sol Av. Bustillo Km. 4.200 (02944) 441500
Bungalows Ayen-Hue Av. Bustillo 4.130 (02944) 442070
Bungalows Gstaad Av. Bustillo Km. 3.900 (02944) 441884
Bungalows Hubscher Calle ARRIEROS 541 (02944) 441670
Bungalows Las Gaviotas Av. Bustillo 5300 (02944) 533332
Bungalows Matute Av. Ezequiel Bustillo 7764 (02944) 462311
Bungalows Pehuen Av. Bustillo km 10.736 (02944) 461572
Bungalows Pichi Ruca Av. Bustillo 16.300 (02944) 448260
Bungalows Playa Serena Lago Hess 13018 (02944) 462100
Bungalows Ruca Piren Av. de los Pioneros Km. 2.300 0294-4441375
Bungalows San Jorge Av. Bustillo km. 5.281 (02944) 442191
Bungalows Tucapel Av. de Los Pioneros Km. 4.200 (02944) 441074
Casa del Lago Resort Ruta 40 (ex 258) Km 2.020 (011) 15-5579-1244
Le Bouquet Av. Bustillo - Km. 25 (02944) 448113
Peuma Ñi Av. Pioneros km 4.600 (02944) 442657
Rosas Amarillas Av. Bustillo - Km 4.700 (02944) 52-4700

Bungalows 1 star in Bariloche

Millaquen Bustillo 6356 (54 294) 4442851
Soñador Palo piche 240 (54 294) 4443036 - 4442388

Bungalows 2 stars in Bariloche

Alun Bungalows Bustillo 7228 (54 294) 4523015
Amulen Bustillo 6756 (54 294) 4442464
Apart Cerro Otto Pioneros 5092 (54 294) 4443128
Bungalows La Caleta Bustillo 1900 (54 294) 4443444 / 154607727
Bungalows Los Cipresales Bustillo 4468 (54 294) 4442517
Bungalows Portal del Nahuel Luis Piedra Buena 5083 (54 294) 154641715
Bungalows Ruca Nehuen Bustillo 7178 (54 294) 4523441
Bungalows San Isidro Bustillo 5800 (54 294) 154607727
El Viejo Cipres Bustillo 6346 (54 294) 4442387
Peters Bungalows Bustillo 5850 (54 294) 4441669

Bungalows 3 stars in Bariloche

El Nautico Bustillo 3380 (54 294) 4525895 - 154640974
Puente Austral Pioneros 5419 (54 294) 4520829
Solar de las Araucarias Bustillo 7713 (54 294) 4462849 -154682632
Video of Cabins in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in Argentine Patagonia’s north-western region, 1627 km. far from Buenos Aires city, 764 metres above sea level and on the south coast of the imposing Lake Nahuel Huapi. Bariloche is the main touristic pole of Río Negro province and one of the most important ones in the country. For a long time, the man inhabits the region and get amazed with its beauties, protected and preserved since 1934 by Nahuel Huapi National Park, with an approximate surface of 710.000 hectares. Depending on the season you come to visit us, the landscape will dress different colours to extend welcome to you, green in summer, ochre and yellow in autumn, the multicolour spring and the hibernal white snow that covers The Andes and allows practising ski. Indigenous traditions, European cultures and provincial customs are mixed up with the modern and the daily style, achieving a combination of big city and village life. The cultural activities are added to the touristic offer of Bariloche.

The Patagonia’s Museum, with photos of the ancient Bariloche city and its section of Natural Science. Bariloche enjoys the music and that’s why throughout the year, particularly in spring and summer, there are choral and musical high-level concertos and the presentations of Camerata Bariloche, when its journeys through the interior of the province allow it.

The traditional Snow National Feast -with its sport competitions and the election of its queen, who will then represent the city with her beauty-, gives Bariloche a wonderful event that will be framed by the Mountain Descent with Torches and the Fireworks.    

Cabañas en Bariloche. Información detallada, imágenes, precios y descuentos de Cabañas en Bariloche. Excelentes ofertas de Cabañas en Bariloche. Detalles e información de alojamientos en la ciudad de Bariloche. Cabañas , Aparts y spa para disfrutar de las vacaciones junto a toda la familia. Consulta los precios de cabañas en Bariloche. Tenemos el listado más amplio de Cabañas y Aparts baratos en Bariloche y alojamientos de primera categoría. Además, información de excursiones, paseos y rutas gastronómicas.

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