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Hostels in Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine

Hostería y Cabañas Lago Tyndall Torres del Paine Sector Río Serrano (61) 2360018 - (61) 2614682
Hosteria Mirador del Payne José Nogueira #1536 piso 2 (61) 228712
Hosteria Las Torres Sarmiento # 846 (61) 360360
Hosteria Lago Tyndall Magallanes N° 345 (61) 220825
Hostel Natales Ladrilleros 209 (61) 410 081
Hostal Oasis Señores 332 (61) 411675
Cabins in Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine
Video de Cabañas

Puerto Natales is situated in the shore of Almirante Montt golf, in the XII Magallanes Region.

It is the capital of Natales and of  Ultima Esperanza provinc, as the last hope to find the “Estrecho de Magallanes” from north to south.
Situated at 250 km to the north of Punta Arenas has 19000 inhabitants.
Última Esperanza was originally inhabited by the kaweskar and aonikenk tribes which travelled through in 1557 by the sailor Juan Ladrilleros searching for a road towards the Estrecho de Magallanes.

At that time the main activity among British and German immigrants was the sheep cattle Nowadays its main resource is the tourism and its  expeditions to the Torres del Paine National Park which is worldwide known due to its beauty. There is also the Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument, ancient house of a mammal which had 3 metres high and was an herbivorous one.
Boats coming from Puerto Montt reach this harbour which link this territory with the rest of the country.

Cabañas en Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine. Información detallada, imágenes, precios y descuentos de Cabañas en Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine. Excelentes ofertas de Cabañas en Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine. Detalles e información de alojamientos en la ciudad de Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine. Cabañas , Aparts y spa para disfrutar de las vacaciones junto a toda la familia. Consulta los precios de cabañas en Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine. Tenemos el listado más amplio de Cabañas y Aparts baratos en Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine y alojamientos de primera categoría. Además, información de excursiones, paseos y rutas gastronómicas.

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